Bitter Orange 2013 Short Film

Bitter Orange 2013. A lovely throwback short film I did with the spectacular Brie Larson as a 1920s Stylish secretary turned Gangster. Written/Directed by Hope Larson with James Urbaniak + Brendan Hines

•To make her eyes appear more rounded I lined them heavier on the lower outer corners and buffed-out towards inner eye •Rounding out eyebrows from the top gave them a thinner more defined shape —staying true to the period

•Cheeks were covered in red rouge atop the apples

•Lips lined + drenched in red in the shape of a heart, Clara Bow style

•On her Face: Too Faced foundation Nars eyeshadow Chantecaille lipcolor (as cheek + lip) 

Makeup + Hair + Mens Grooming by Myself

Nancie Rooney